Using Tung nut Oil to protect you gates(exterior wood) has many benefits. Mainly it is easy to apply and its great at repelling water and other elements. This is a brief instruction of how to get the best out of the oil.

Firstly, in preparation to applying the Tung Nut Oil you will need to beware of a few points.

  • Make sure your applying in a well ventilated area
  • Make sure you use dust sheets* to protect you working area from spills/slashes
  • Use relevant personal protection equipment (PPE) such as overalls, nitril gloves, eye protection and respiration mask
  • Can be applied with brush or lint free cloth*
  • Make sure surfaces are clean and free from dust etc

* Any material that is soaked in tung oil and or solvents must be laid flat to dry to prevent combustion!

Application –

For new wood the first two coats of Tung Oil should be thinned up to 50% with white spirit, as this aids absorption, and should be applied liberally and evenly. When using a cloth, use a circular or figure of eight pattern to work into the wood, and apply until the wood stops absorbing. Allow to penetrate for 20-30 minutes before wiping off any excess with a lint-free cloth in the direction of the grain. The third and subsequent coats should be applied unthinned. For both interior and exterior wood 3-5 coats are recommended. The more oil that is applied in the year the better the protection and therefore the longer your gates will last.

Tung oil naturally has a matt to low-sheen finish, which can be buffed slightly with a very fine grade (000) wire wool. Care should be taken when using wire wool on oak, as any fibers left behind can react with the wood causing staining.

We understand that not everyone has the facilities to stain, oil or paint your gates so we can provide the staining and initial 2 coats of oil. We can also paint you gates should you wish, please ask for more info.

*Please Note if we stain, oil or paint your gates etc this may add a considerable amount of time onto the order.

Maintenance –

We recommend applying at least 1 coat each year, if extreme weather is experienced such as heat waves etc we advise applying more coats as needed.

If the finished experiences knocks/chips/discolouring etc this can be easily rectified by rubbing or sanding down effected area and re applying the tung oil to match original finish.

Drying Time –

When applying the first ‘thinned’ coats these will take around 24 hours to dry, however thick coats could take up to 3-4 days! (depending on weather conditions)