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double sided gates

Double Sided Wooden Gates

Double sided Gates can be applied to most driveway gates and garden gates in all timbers including Redwood(softwood), Siberian Larch, Western Red Cedar, Iroko (hardwood) and prime European oak (hardwood)

The gates are produced by cladding both sides of the wooden gates, we do this by adding 2 layers of boarding. This means the bracing horizontal and diagonal etc are encased inside the gate away from all weather elements and also out of sight.

The advantage here is that the gates look almost identical from the front and the back of the wooden gates. When buying a garden or a driveway gate normally you mainly see the back of the gate while inside your property so you get to enjoy the view from both sides! It often seems odd that the best view of your gates is the side that you only see from the outside. With Double Sided Gates you can have the best of both worlds.

However there is a more important reason other than the improved looks

If a close look is made of any old wooden gates you will see that the decay always starts where the water lies. This occurs when water is allowed to sit on any flat horizontal surface. This is normally along the bracing at the rear of the gate, as this is what we call a water trap.

We try to prevent this on our single sided wooden gates by applying a mastic along these joints to act as a water shed that keeps the majority of moisture out. Although this helps the wooden gates to keep moisture out, if you want to solve the problem altogether go for Double Sided Gates

There are various additions which are also still applicable to Double Sided Gates including herringbone boarding (diagonal), horizontal boarding, Wicket Gates, Letter Box Slot and Engraving.

These Wooden Gates that are double sided can make the gates very heavy due to additional cladding/boarding and so additional support via a gate wheel can sometimes be required especially if the gates are particularly  large.

To some extent this weight can be overcome by using some of the lighter timbers like Western Red Cedar which put less stain on the Wooden Gates.

Please speak to ourselves if you have any queries as to the suitability of your chosen Wooden Gate Design and timber. To add Double sided option to you wooden gates please choose this option under the ‘boarding’ tab while building your gates