Gate Styles

Gate Styles

Wooden Gates come in all shapes and sizes and here at Wooden Gate Timber Products ltd there is not much we cannot do. We use a combination of CNC machining and hand-crafted components giving us a very versatile range of gates we can make from many quality timbers. Whether you have something in mind already and fancy sketching your idea, found an image online or want to pick from our range we would be more than happy to quote! We have a portfolio of previous jobs completed that we can replicate in your bespoke dimensions or we can tweak the designs to give you a bespoke wooden gate that you are looking for. 

Timber Lamination And Reduction In Warping and twist

Timber Lamination And Reduction In Warping and twist

All our timber except the Cedar uses laminated timber.

Although it is far more expensive than the standard timber the benefits we feel far outway the costs when it comes to producing a good gate.

So what are the benafits :-

It IS  stronger   because of its multi layered construction.

Its more Stable because its not like solid timber that tends to distort as it absorbs or expels moisture as temperature changes occur, hence it is less likely to shrink and swell

Less defects  as these are cut out during the manufacture process.

Its reliable  because the construction ensures the quality is consistant.

Its Greener  because we us FSC certified suppliers, produces a much more efficient use of logs .

Wooden Gate Engraving

Wooden Gate Engraving

Wooden Gate Engraving, Want your House name or number engraving into your new gate?

We normally charge just £36 (including VAT per ‘Rail’) to engrave your chosen text into a top, middle or bottom rail.

It doesn’t have to be a house name or number…it could be ‘beware of the dog’ or ‘Ring Bell’. Anything you like!!

These pictures were taken just after finishing…. to make the ENGRAVING stand out more you can use a dark paint/stain…

Letter Box

Letter Boxes for Wooden Gates

Letter Box

When fitting a new garden gate or driveway gate its best to think about everyone who uses the gate and what uses your gates have. If you are adding or have added a gate for security it wont be very easy for anyone to enter including the Postman/woman and even courier delivery people. By adding a letter box you will be able to receive all your mail/correspondence with ease with out anyone having to enter your property.

Even if you have already had your gate installed, Letter Boxes are very simple to fit using a bit of DIY skill. You will need to think of the position of the Letter Box to make sure this does not foul any surrounding brickwork or post etc. Normally best to have a central position of the gate(s) so you letter box is pleasing to the eye.  Position and size of the slot will need confirming before manufacture…

The letter box also comes with an attractive face plate… which can be sealed to keep your mail clean and dry!

Comes with a large box on the rear to collect up to A4 size mail and fits plenty for most households. ..

Sliding Gates

Wooden Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates are produced similarly to swing gates. Likewise they are designed to look the same from the outside and if they are bigger than 2.7m wide, are constructed in two sections. These sections should then be bolted together on site therefore making them much easier to handle during delivery and installation. Also the longer a piece of timber, the larger possibility of twisting and moving. Moreover this means that a wooden sliding gates made in this manner should have a longer serviceable life in contrast to one large section. For larger sliding gates in addition to the standard sliding gate kit, metal angle irons may need to be engineered to ensure the gate works correctly, but this is in very extreme cases, Call Pete on 020 8054 7535 for more info

Main differences are as follows:-

  • Uprated bottom rail which makes a solid rail at the bottom, which is recessed to accept the gate track wheels.
  • The stiles (each end of the gate) are made 4 inches wider on each side so the produce an overhang on each side, but look like a normal gate from the front.
  • An extra section normally around 500mm long to help support the gate when opening and closing. Likewise this section allows for a motor.
  • We will always work our best with you to ensure the correct measurements are used and you will be supplied a CAD sketch prior to manufacture to ensure you get the best from your sliding gates.

Electric Sliding Gates v Manual Sliding Gates

Your new gates will be manufactured to suit either manual operation or automation so please let us know if you intend to add automation when ordering. The main differences are the length of the add on section to the gate for an electric sliding gate whereas we can add a keyed lock for your manual gate. 

We recommend using Roger technology automation systems for your electric sliding gate however we have also used Nice and Came so please let us know if you would like to use a specific brand just as all our electric gates.

How it works..

sliding gates setup help

We can provide plans of site for your wooden sliding gates either after visiting the site and doing a survey or we can even help remotely by viewing pictures of site and making our recommendations. Please note the site will need to be completely level for the Sliding Gates to operate correctly so some landscaping maybe needed. If you are unsure about the larger stiles or bottom rail or just want everything explaining further, please email [email protected] call Pete on 020 8054 7535.


Please see the attached pdf files for examples of set up for the 2 most common configurations we use…

Double Sided Gates

double sided gates

Double Sided Wooden Gates

Double sided Gates can be applied to most driveway gates and garden gates in all timbers including Redwood(softwood), Siberian Larch, Western Red Cedar, Iroko (hardwood) and prime European oak (hardwood)

The gates are produced by cladding both sides of the wooden gates, we do this by adding 2 layers of boarding. This means the bracing horizontal and diagonal etc are encased inside the gate away from all weather elements and also out of sight.

The advantage here is that the gates look almost identical from the front and the back of the wooden gates. When buying a garden or a driveway gate normally you mainly see the back of the gate while inside your property so you get to enjoy the view from both sides! It often seems odd that the best view of your gates is the side that you only see from the outside. With Double Sided Gates you can have the best of both worlds.

However there is a more important reason other than the improved looks

If a close look is made of any old wooden gates you will see that the decay always starts where the water lies. This occurs when water is allowed to sit on any flat horizontal surface. This is normally along the bracing at the rear of the gate, as this is what we call a water trap.

We try to prevent this on our single sided wooden gates by applying a mastic along these joints to act as a water shed that keeps the majority of moisture out. Although this helps the wooden gates to keep moisture out, if you want to solve the problem altogether go for Double Sided Gates

There are various additions which are also still applicable to Double Sided Gates including herringbone boarding (diagonal), horizontal boarding, Wicket Gates, Letter Box Slot and Engraving.

These Wooden Gates that are double sided can make the gates very heavy due to additional cladding/boarding and so additional support via a gate wheel can sometimes be required especially if the gates are particularly  large.

To some extent this weight can be overcome by using some of the lighter timbers like Western Red Cedar which put less stain on the Wooden Gates.

Please speak to ourselves if you have any queries as to the suitability of your chosen Wooden Gate Design and timber. To add Double sided option to you wooden gates please choose this option under the ‘boarding’ tab while building your gates

Batton Wall Fixing

Batten Wall Fixings For Gates

Battens can be attached to brick walls or pillars with pins. Your wooden gate can then be hung from the Battens.