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Oak Gates

Oak Gates have great strength and hardness. Extremely attractive in its natural state, with a clear treatment.  Naturally very resistant to insect and fungal attacks because of its high tannin content.

Very attractive grain markings  and looks great with a OSMO oil, natural finish although it can be stained and painted. Matches traditional ‘old’ look but also great with modern houses. If treated correctly oak can last up to and above of 40 years!! Although please note, OAK is very prone to splitting and can have large knots that may need attention throughout its life. If this is not acceptable then we would recommend an IDIGBO or IROKO as these timbers are less prone to splitting/twisting/knots etc. Oak should be used only if wanting a rustic look.

Care must be taken when using with untreated iron and steel as it will leave blue markings which will detract from the beauty of the wood, the markings will not sand out so be careful! Stainless Steel is the best option to choose.

Oak Gates are particularly heavy so it is great for garden gates and side gates. They can also be used for driveway or estate gates but when using Oak Gates, strong pillars or wooden posts must be used. We can supply Air dried Oak Posts to match you wooden Oak Gates, Note there can be large splits

Beware of other companies selling green oak gates and posts as these will warp and twist when they dry out. We use a mix of the highest quality (prime/A grade) and Joinery Grade Kiln dried European Oak which we sometimes laminate to reduce the risk of warp/twisting even further.

Weight is around 750kg per m3, but all oak gates will vary!IROKO

Oak Gates – average shade of the Oak we use to produce our wooden gates

Oak Gate Examples

NOTE sometimes we may need to use laminated timber to obtain the correct dimensions. We try to keep Knots to a minimum but sometime unavoidable

**Wooden Gate Timber Products Ltd do not recommend to leave any timber untreated open to the elements as this is classed as abuse.

Types of Wooden Gate