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Iroko Gates

Iroko gates are certainly one of, if not the best choice for your property. Iroko has very strong properties such as being very strong and very durable. Moreover is also has very little movement, splits or shakes as a result of Iroko’s oily  texture. Naturally very resistant to insect and fungal attacks owing to its high tannin content. Iroko Gates can also be painted but we would recommend using our superior gate oil for the most attractive long lasting finish.

It is frequently referred to as African Teak due to its durability and appearance. African teak ie Iroko has a wide distribution in tropical Africa, found from Sierra Leone in the west to Tanzania in the east.  Iroko  confined to West Africa where it occurs from Senegal to Ghana.  The wood colour is initially yellowish-brown, darkening to a much richer, darker reddish brown over time. Most of our Iroko comes from Hardwood Sales based in Liverpool.

 Typically the timber weighs around 660kg/m3.

Average shade of Iroko
Average shade of Iroko

Iroko Gates examples

Please see a few examples of iroko gates we have made and installed around the UK.

If you would prefer to have a much more durable gate, then perhaps you should think of investing in a European Oak gate!  We now even offer Aluminium Gates in a wood effect finishes!!

NOTE sometimes we may need to use laminated timber to obtain the correct dimensions

**Wooden Gate Timber Products Ltd do not recommend to leave any timber untreated open to the elements as this is classed as abuse. Information is on the timber lasting but protection is to reduce expansion/contraction

Types of Wooden Gate



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