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How to measure Your Gate..

Taking measurements for anything can be tricky, whether its for your Wooden Driveway gate or Garden Gate to a pair of curtains or blinds! We recommend you read through the following page of how you can hang your new Wooden Gate to achieve your final preference. We also strongly recommend when taking measurements, you have someone else double check them.. remember measure twice, cut once!

If you are supplying measurements to us to obtain a estimation of cost, dont worry about being 100% accurate right away. If estimation is accepted we may be able to measure for you!

Please read the following info carefully to ensure you get the correct size wooden gate. We have also produced drawings of the most common batten and post configurations below for reference when measuring and installing. If you need any further help or info please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected] 

Unlike most other companies we do the calculations for you and supply a CAD drawing before manufacture! You supply the maximum width between posts or brickwork and we’ll do the rest. We recommend you take three measurements for the width, Bottom, Middle and Top. If you wish for us to make a Wooden Gate to your exact measurements we call this an ‘actual’ measurement which we must be made aware of using the final confirmation sheet.


how to measure your gate

Please note that to obtain the right calculation, When quoting the height you require, it is the height you require at the hinge side that must be used. If you have any obstruction above such as drain pipe etc its best to make us aware of this so we can come up with a solution together.  Although we will produce a drawing before we manufacture for your approval please be aware of the following points. Points to be aware of.

  1. Unless advised otherwise or is part of the design all gates will have horns, sometimes incorrectly known as ‘joggles’, which extend approximately 4″(100mm) above the top rail.
  2. Swan Neck and Bow Top gates will unless requested otherwise rise by approximately 300mm or 1ft towards the middle. Reverse versions of this design will fall by the same amount.
  3. Gunstock versions will fall by approximately 150-200mm towards the middle.. Or rise if a reverse version.
  4. If the rise of any gate is an important factor we must be made aware in writing/email so that we can make any necessary adjustments.

The width required is the gap you want to fill. If you are ordering wooden driveway gates then you are measuring for BOTH leaves. If you are ordering battens or posts, we will deduct this off the measurement you provide unless advised otherwise. When ordering, we will unless requested otherwise reduce the width of any wooden double gate by approximately  30-40mm,  garden gates or side gates will be reduce by 20mm . The height will be reduced by 50mm also to enable the wooden gates  to be fitted properly (with a gap underneath). IMPORTANT when measuring heights that into account any rise of the ground level in the direction of the gate opening.

It is important that these gaps are present to allow the wooden gate to swell during humid weather. If you have more specific requirements, for example, you require a gate to be an “Actual” Size (where we will not deduct for expansion/clearances) or it is fitting into a brick arch or frame please let us know as this will involve some adjustments in design. Please call Pete on 020 8054 7535 or [email protected]

Using Battens…

When fitting to brick work we recommend using battens for a number of reasons.

  1. Spreading the weight of the wooden gates so not to put too much stress on to individual bricks/blocks
  2. Easier to make adjustment during installation and if any movement occurs in the timber throughout the wooden gates life.
  3. If brick/block work is not level, the battens can be ‘packed’ to produce a level to hang the wooden gates from.


Option 1

Most common set up using battens, the hinge pins are to be fitted on the back face of the batten. This allows the gate to sit directly behind batten when opened giving the largest opening. If automating, the automation arms can be then fitted on the back face of the pillars as per manufacturers recommendations.

Option 2

If you would like to fit the battens on the back face of you pillars/piers this will give an even bigger opening and will allow the gates to open to a greater angle.

Using Posts...

Using Gate posts where no brickwork available or if you are not sure if the brickwork would be strong enough to support the gates. These can be sunk into the ground a minimum of 2ft ideally. 

Option 1

If you are using you existing post then, note option 1 the pins will be fitting to the back face of the post which is not recommended for automation as the automation arms need to be fitted on the back face of the posts.

Option 2

If we are supplying the post, then you supply us the maximum gap to fill and we will do all the calculations. You can then choose to fit the gates for automation or manual..

Using Battens and posts…

If you cannot use battens or posts both sides we can use 1 of each. We will make all the calculations for you. We do advise you send pics through if unsure and we would be happy to advise where we can.

Option 1

If you already have a gate post in place and wish to hang your gates from this post and a brick wall please give us the dimensions between the brick and the existing post.

Option 2

If you have a gate post that you wish to change or are installing a new post and gate please let us know the full gap from the outer edge of the new post to the brick work. We will then make all the calculations and supply a CAD drawing for your consideration prior to manufacture.

Sliding Gate ...

Sliding gates can be great where there is limited room for swing gates. Most sliding gates are automated but they can also be manual. The main difference for automated if that you would need an add on …


We produce CAD drawings to confirm measurements and general look of the gates we are going to manufacture for you. This ensures there are no surprises with the style and sizes of gates. The drawings are used during the manufacture process so what you see is what you get! Before confirming the drawings you can make amendments to most dimensions. These will need to be submitted by email/writing to [email protected].

cad image
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