At Wooden gate Timber Products Ltd we strive to supply the best shades of stain. All our stains are supplied in water based form for ease of use and safe as possible (except Ebony, White Pigment, Grey and any other stain made from the RAL chart). Here is a brief instruction of how we recommend to apply..If staining and oiling, the best way to apply is to stain first so that you are happy with the shade then following the Oiling advise..

Firstly, in preparation to applying the stains you will need to beware of a few points.

  • Make sure your applying in a well ventilated area
  • Make sure you use dust sheets* to protect you working area from spills/slashes
  • Use relevant personal protection equipment (PPE) such as overalls, nitril gloves, eye protection and respiration mask
  • Can be applied with brush or lint free cloth*
  • Make sure surfaces are clean and free from dust etc

* Any material that is soaked in tung oil and or solvents must be laid flat to dry to prevent combustion!

Next we strongly advise you shake container(s) and test the shade of stain on an inconspicuous area or on sample of timber before applying to entire gate. The oiling method should not change the shade of stain by much as long as given enough time to dry.

Once you are happy to apply, it is sometimes advisable to rub gates over with a moist cloth to take any dust etc off surface, this will also help the stain absorb evenly.

To apply, use long even strokes on brush/cloth in desired areas, we recommend 2 coats normally (ebony, white, grey etc can sometime take up to 4-5 coats for depth of colour) allowing at least 24 hours between coats for drying, this can depend on temperature/humidity.

Once you staining is complete its time to apply your protection oil!

We understand that not everyone has the facilities to stain, oil or paint your gates so we can provide the staining and initial 2 coats of oil. We can also paint you gates should you wish, please ask for more info.

*Please Note if we stain, oil or paint your gates etc this may add a considerable amount of time onto the order.