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Letter Boxes for Wooden Gates

Letter Box

When fitting a new garden gate or driveway gate its best to think about everyone who uses the gate and what uses your gates have. If you are adding or have added a gate for security it wont be very easy for anyone to enter including the Postman/woman and even courier delivery people. By adding a letter box you will be able to receive all your mail/correspondence with ease with out anyone having to enter your property.

Even if you have already had your gate installed, Letter Boxes are very simple to fit using a bit of DIY skill. You will need to think of the position of the Letter Box to make sure this does not foul any surrounding brickwork or post etc. Normally best to have a central position of the gate(s) so you letter box is pleasing to the eye.  Position and size of the slot will need confirming before manufacture…

The letter box also comes with an attractive face plate… which can be sealed to keep your mail clean and dry!

Comes with a large box on the rear to collect up to A4 size mail and fits plenty for most households. ..



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