Here at Wooden Gate Timber Products Ltd we prefer the staining and oiling method to painting mainly as surface coats such as paint can crack easily and allow moisture to enter the timber causing premature fatigue. We can supply most colour on the RAL chart in stain form, why not challenge us!

With this said, we understand people prefer to paint so we have put a little guide below to aid with this process..

Firstly, in preparation to applying the paints you will need to beware of a few points.

  • Make sure your applying in a well ventilated area
  • Make sure you use dust sheets* to protect you working area from spills/slashes
  • Use relevant personal protection equipment (PPE) such as overalls, nitril gloves, eye protection and respiration mask
  • Can be applied with brush
  • Make sure surfaces are clean and free from dust etc

* Any material that is soaked in tung oil and or solvents must be laid flat to dry to prevent combustion!

Once ready to start, depending on the timber species you may need to use a knotting solution of any knots as these may appear through the timber at a later time.

Then when you are happy that you have covered any/all knots in the timber you will need to apply an undercoat/primer. You can get undercoat and primer in one tin these days which saves time and we have found to be very effective. We recommend around 3-4 coats, again depending on the timber type etc. The more undercoats you have, the protection the timber will have and the better your top coats will adhere, giving a better, longer lasting finish. you will need at least 24 hr between coats (check back of tin for details).

Note: Make sure to choose a undercoat colour similar to your final top coat!!

Once happy with the undercoats, you can start to apply your top coats. We again recommend around 3-4 top coats, having this many coats on will increase protection and look top quality!

We understand that not everyone has the facilities to stain, oil or paint your gates so we can provide the staining and initial 2 coats of oil. We can also paint you gates should you wish, please ask for more info.

*Please Note if we stain, oil or paint your gates etc this may add a considerable amount of time onto the order.