Warp and Twist Resistant wooden gates


At www.woodengatecompany.co.uk we produce some of our softwood and hardwood gates using a technique called Lamination. (Please check prior to ordering/confirming your order for more details as it is not always possible.)


This involves fixing several layers of timber together with adhesives in such a manner that the stresses of the timber are greatly reduced and the piece of timber remains straight and true. Quite often unless you are observant you may not even notice, but the advantages are worth the effort !


By using this method we produce a piece of timber that is not only far more stable, but is in fact stronger than the original!


Our boarding hardly ever cups and warps, and the gates remain straight


We have been using this technique for a number of years and the results are pretty amazing, with dramatic reduction in warping and twisting


Timber lamination has been used in industry for many years and is probably in most of your furniture !


Most gate manufacturers do not use this method because of cost, and lack of expertise, but we are able to supply this in all our gates, at prices which we think will take you by surprise by their quality and price.


Take a look at the web site and work out your own prices it is very simple !