Metal framed gates

Metal framed gates offer a durable alternative to fully framed timber gates, as they are constructed from galvanized steel. Additionally, the option for powder coating provides an exceptionally resilient finish. The metal frame can be clad with softwood, hardwood, or composite materials to achieve various aesthetic preferences.

If you desire the appearance of wooden gates with the added durability of metal, this option may suit your needs perfectly. Our metal framed gates are suitable for side entrances, garden paths, driveways, and can even be customized into sliding or electric gates.

As steel prices fluctuate, we provide bespoke quotations to ensure the best possible pricing for our customers. To request a quote, please send the following information to [email protected]:

  1. Pictures of the site (if available)
  2. Postcode
  3. Rough dimensions (width and height)
  4. Style of gate

We will accurately estimate all costs involved, provide a tailored quote for your new metal framed gate, and offer advice on the timber infills we provide. Additionally, we are available to assist over the phone. If you have any questions or prefer to chat, please call us at 01939 232450. We’re always happy to help.

rear view of a galvanised metal framed wooden infill sliding gate using hardwood.

Working together with a local Shropshire based engineering company CRF we offer metal framed gates in all shapes and sizes. These gates can be fitted between exiting brickwork or we can install metal posts. The posts would match the metal frame of the gate. Wooden Gate Timber Products ltd can also install these gates. We offer manual or we can also add automation systems similarly to our wooden gates. Metal framed gates can be heavy so we would recommend automation however this can very much depend on the width and height of the gate.