Gate Protection Oil 10 Litres

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Tung nut oil is made from the pressed seed of the Chinese Tung Tree and gives a superior finish to that of linseed oil which tends to darken with age. Normally produced in China, it has a smooth clean finish that forms a thin film on wooden floors, furniture and other wooden surfaces to provide a water resistant barrier when several coats have been applied.

Known for it’s elastic properties, Tung oil finish is able to move and flex as wooden surfaces and furniture expand and contract with changing temperatures.

Being very easy to work with and maintain, pure Chinese tung oil is both safe and versatile and can be used on almost any surface including, food preparation areas, floorboards, furniture, children’s play areas, children’s toys and much more making Tung nut oil the perfect choice for the DIY enthusiast.

A high quality oil, designed to be applied over the top of the stain to provide long term protection against the weather which causes the gates to twist and warp.
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