Softwood Gates

Softwood Gates, Drive gates, Timber Gates

Typical “softwood gates” ie redwood

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Softwood as  is often referred is  Redwood.  It is classed as a moderately hard wearing timber suitable for outside use great for Softwood gates,  but its not red !

Redwood weight is 510kg per m3

All softwood gates will need looking after at least twice per year for the whole of its life, and will need close attention during its first year.
Having said that, Redwood makes an excellent softwood gate, you will just have to look after it !

Softwood Gates take a stain well, but does need attention during its life. This timber left outside if only for 1 day and allowed to get very wet, could result in the timbers turning black,the boards expanding in their frame to such an extent that they can buckle off the main frame.

The effect of water damage in Redwood can be greatly reduced by the application of the stabilizing solution which stops moisture entering the timber too fast, or loosing it when the weather turns very hot. This coating will last for up to 6 months, where the gate will need to be protected with a good few coats of oil, or a similar coating.DO NOT USE MICRO POROUS FINISHES .


If you would prefer to have a much more durable set of wooden softwood gates or hardwood gates, then perhaps you should think of investing in a Siberian Larch gate,  Western red Cedar or hardwood gates ie. Iroko or even European Oak!!  We now even offer Aluminium Gates in a wood effect finishes!!

 Softwood Gates

Softwood gates, Driveway gates, Wooden gates, Estate Gates

Pair of Softwood Gates with arched top


Softwood gates, Garden gates, Wooden gates, Side Gates

Softwood Gates with an arch top









Softwood gates, Wooden Gates, Driveway Gates

  Softwood gates that can be made any shape or size for your driveway or garden!

Softwood gates, Wooden Gates, Driveway Gates

Even very big softwood gates can be made!



Wooden Gate Timber Products Ltd do not recommend to leave any timber untreated open to the elements as this is classed as abuse. Information is on the timber lasting but protection is to reduce expansion/contraction