JIVE 200 E – Underground Electric Gates Automation

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Jive 200e


Product Advantages

  • Easy-to-handle emergency release from inside & outside (for power failure)
  • Adjustable, non-contact end switch
  • No end stop position in Gate OPEN necessary
  • Invisible in the ground – ideal for designer gates
  • Automatic force reading/power programming
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Operator unit completely waterproof
  • 24 V technology

Technical Details

  • Wing lengths up to 2000 mm
  • Wing heights up to 2500 mm
  • Wing weights up to 200 kg
  • Wing filling width max. 50 %

Electric gates Installation Info

All automation systems need to be installed by a qualified engineer. We can normally supply someone to survey, install and automate. If not we can normally locate someone close to you to install for you. An additional ‘boot’ must be engineered to support at least 2/3 of the gate leaf. This is so that the operation does not damage the automation or the gates. If unsure please ask for more info. Please info you engineer of these terms of use as Wooden Gate Timber Products Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage or premature fatigue of Gates or automation.


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Electric gates Instruction Info  jive-200E_46735V001_MBA_latest-version_GB

We can provide support during installation and maintenance to assist and help everything run as smooth as possible.

** Please note. We recommend all automation is installed by a qualified engineer. We can normally provide this service or locate someone near to you. When installing great care must be taken not to put excess stain on gate(s) or motor(s). Wooden Gate Timber Products Ltd will NOT take any responsibility for any damage found to be caused by incorrect installation.