SP900 Sliding Gate Automation Kit WITH BACKUP BATTERY


4ft height version. However Gates can be over 4ft in height.

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The robust and invisible sliding gate operator in a post..

The complete operator of the SP 900 is integrated into the post of the sliding electric gate. This makes the operator invisible and provides for an uncluttered appearance of the sliding gate. The SP 900 is suitable for gates up to 400 kg and 8 m travel distance.

Product Advantages

SP900 Sliding Gate Automation Kit

Additional features

  • Left or right gate running adjustable via selection switch; no rewiring of motor and end switch is necessary
  • Automatic detection of safety contact strips (8.2 kOhm or OSE) and photo eyes (2- and 4-wire)
  • Automatic/half-automatic closing function from end position and partial opening possible; adjustable partial opening
  • Pre-warning function and dead-man operation
  • Connection option for battery pack


  • 1.2m blank post
  • 4m rack (can be extended up to 8m if required)
  • 2 x 4-command remotes
  • 1 x light barrier

We can provide support for installation and maintenance to manufacturers recommendations.

*The SP 900 post unit is available in the following designs bare aluminium, RAL 9006 white aluminium or DB 703 metallic grey.

** Please note. We recommend all automation is installed by a qualified engineer. We can normally provide this service or locate someone near to you. When installing great care must be taken not to put excess stain on gate(s) or motor(s). Wooden Gate Timber Products Ltd will NOT take any responsibility for any damage found to be caused by incorrect installation.